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  • December 4, 2023
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Israel-Palestine Conflict- Israeli Colonel Yair Shalam, The Commander Of The Attack On Gaza

A pair of pictures are circulating with the false assertion that Israeli Colonel Yair Shalam, the commander of the attack on Gaza, has been arrested. Wajidkhan (“@realwajidkhan“) made a tweet from Valhalla

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Indian Army Killed POK Citizens Who Crossed The LOC By Mistake? Here

Pakistani media is spreading a false narrative alleging that Azad Kashmir citizens, who unintentionally crossed the Line of Control (LOC) were killed by the Indian Army. SUNO NEWS HD (“@suno_newshd“) tweeted

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Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Video Of Students Of Al-Azhar University In Egypt Protesting

A video of Corpses is being circulated in connection with the ongoing Israel Palestine Conflict. @MeghUpdates tweeted the one minute and forty seven seconds video with the caption “Al Jazeera Pre-Shooting

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NDTV Poll of Polls Gives Majority To Congress in Telangana? Fact-Check 

Workers for the Congress party are spreading rumours that an NDTV Poll of Polls indicates Congress has a majority in Telangana. Verified accounts on twitter, including Supriya Shrinate (“@SupriyaShrinate“) claimed that

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Texas — Man Sentenced To Death After Failed Suicide Attempt? Fact-Check

Fake news is spreading about a man who attempted suicide and was sentenced to death in 2018. Verified account on twitter, including iconic moments (“@image_origins“) tweeted the picture from CNN

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Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Images Of Attack on Gaza Resurfaced With False Claims:

Some Pictures that purported to be recent and from Gaza were circulated. Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (“@SholaMos1“) tweeted “This is an EXTERMINATION in Gaza. A HOLOCAUST on Palestinians. An APARTHEID of

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Art Performance Video By Aryan Rafiq Viral as Yezidi Women Being Sold

According to a video, Islamic State terrorists sold Yezidis in slavery markets in Iraq and Syria.  Verified profile on twitter @CapitanBitcoin shared the 20 seconds video and wrote “Selling women in

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