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G-20 Summit Delhi — A Look At The Propaganda And Success of The G20 Summit

A few days ago, India hosted the G-20 Leaders’ Summit 2023 in New Delhi under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. It was a spectacle of warmth and hospitality, as India introduced world leaders to its vibrant culture. However, even before the summit began, specific individuals sought to undermine its significance through false claims and biased narratives.

Propaganda and False Claims

A video circulated on social media purportedly showed Oman’s Deputy Prime Minister’s discomfort during a traditional Indian dance performance. Congress national spokesperson Supriya Shrinate and other habitual fake news spreaders aligned with opposing political parties used this video to level baseless allegations. They suggested that Oman’s PM was unhappy with the performance. Yet, no official statement or any visible sign of discomfort existed.

Furthermore, propaganda extended to billboards featuring Modi’s approval rate and questions about the Nigerian President’s official visit to New Delhi aimed to discredit the G-20 Summit. Old Billboard featuring PM Narendra Modi’s Highest Approval Rating was falsely connected with the G-20 Summit and false claims regarding Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Visit to Delhi as an Invitee to The G-20 Summit were spread.

Criticism of India’s Policies

Assistant Professor Divya Dwivedi from IIT Delhi, speaking to French media, joined the ranks of those using the G-20 summit platform to express their bias. Dwivedi made controversial remarks, suggesting a future India without Hinduism. She disparaged the majority community and cast derogatory remarks on the nation’s future. Such divisive rhetoric on a global stage only serves to undermine India’s image.

Another self-proclaimed activist, Kavita Krishnan, went one step further and appealed to the United States to impose sanctions against India for importing-exporting Russian oil amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Krishnan defamed India’s foreign policy decisions during her interview with France 24, calling into question its strategic autonomy in the Russia-Ukraine war and accusing India of laundering Russian oil.

The Reality of the G-20 Summit in New Delhi

Despite the propaganda and disinformation campaigns staged by various groups, the G-20 Summit proceeded as scheduled in the Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. India achieved significant milestones during the event, including the African Union’s entry as a permanent member of G-20, the promotion of Digital Public Infrastructure, the announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic corridor, and the attainment of consensus on important issues and the official G-20 Communique. This marked a historic moment for Indian diplomacy. Read the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, Click Here.

A Triumph of Indian Diplomacy

This was indeed a remarkable day for India, a testament to the unwavering leadership of PM Modi and the government. The G-20 Summit showcased New Delhi’s prowess in hosting global events, focusing on unity and collaboration. The spirit of “वसुधैव कुटुंबकम” (The world is one family) and the motto of “One World, One Family, and One Future” rang true throughout the summit.

In the face of unwarranted criticism and divisive narratives, India emerged victorious at the G-20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi, led by PM Modi’s visionary approach and the government’s unwavering commitment to global cooperation. The nation’s achievements at the summit, including overcoming propaganda and achieving historic milestones, reflect its dedication to fostering unity on the global stage. Jai Hind.

Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to our Twitter thread embedded below for full clarity.

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