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Video of Pigs Roaming In School Campus from Telangana Falsely Circulated as Andhra Pradesh: Fact-Check

A few days ago, a video started circulating on social media, showing students in a school premises washing plates near dirty water storage while pigs roamed around. The video was claimed to be from Aruku village, Andhra Pradesh, but upon further investigation, it was found that the video was actually from a government school in Marikal village, Telangana. The misleading and fake information spread from the user @manishini9 and further action was initiated against her. She deleted her tweet.

Source and Misrepresentation:

The video in question was initially shared on social media platforms with a claim that it was recorded in Aruku village, Andhra Pradesh. However, it has been verified that this video was shot at a government school in Marikal village, under Narayanapet constituency, Mahabubnagar/Palamuru district of Telangana. The Andhra Pradesh Government Fact-Checking Department confirmed that the video is not from Andhra Pradesh. In a tweet, they stated, “Video from Telangana is wrongly being propagated as a video from Andhra Pradesh School. We urge everyone to kindly refrain from sharing such false propaganda online.”

The video, when correctly attributed to Telangana, raises questions about the condition of government schools in the region. While the exact circumstances surrounding the video are not clear, it is essential to address issues related to hygiene and infrastructure in schools. Government authorities should investigate the situation and take necessary actions to ensure the well-being of students. To read more about the actual story, click here [archive].

The Intent & The Conclusion:

It is evident that the video’s misrepresentation as an incident in Andhra Pradesh is an attempt to create a false narrative for political gain. Social media influencers and individuals have been sharing the video with the intention of manipulating public opinion. This misleading information not only spreads falsehoods but also undermines the credibility of genuine news and facts.

In conclusion, the video circulating on social media, which was claimed to be from Andhra Pradesh, is, in fact, from Telangana. It is crucial to verify information before sharing it on social media platforms to prevent the spread of false narratives. Misleading content can be detrimental to public discourse and lead to misunderstandings. The focus should be on addressing real issues in our society rather than creating false narratives for political purposes.

Claim: A video showing students washing plates near dirty water storage is from Andhra Pradesh.

Fact: The video is from Telangana, not Andhra Pradesh, and is being misrepresented for political reasons.

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