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Israel-Palestine Conflict— Computer-Generated Video Of The Helicopter Being Shot Down Circulated as Real: Fact-Check

Misleading Claim

According to a shared video, the Zionist entity’s helicopter was shot down during the current conflict in Israel. The video shows the helicopter being shot down by a stinger missile.

Some users are asserting that this video shows actual combat between Israel and Palestine.

Junaid Hussain (“@Chauhdary10“) tweeted on X, sharing the same video, with the caption “Urgent: The moment the Zionist entity’s helicopter was shot down”. He has received an about 18.3k views after sharing the video with this caption indicating that the helicopter was shot down during the current war between Israel and Hamas. The tweet post can be found here.

Is this incident True?

The claim that users made about the video which went viral during the Israel – Palestine conflict is not true.

The Palestinian extremist group Hamas attacked Israel with missiles from the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023. In light of this, a lot of pictures and videos are being posted on different social media sites. Though many are claiming that this is actual video from the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, but, it is fake.

The truth is that this video is fraudulent and unrelated to the ongoing war conflict. Upon closely examining the video, it becomes evident that the smoke and helicopter explosion is not authentic. After the fire, not even the nearby shrubs moved. We began to wonder if this was a simulated or real video because of everything.The fact is that the same video that was posted to a YouTube channel in February 2023. This video, according to the YouTube channel, isn’t real; it’s just a military simulation game called Arma3.

D-Intent Data cleared the fake news on Twitter with authencity with evidence.


To gain attention and impression, users are sharing computer-generated videos during the Israel – Palestine Conflict.


Claim: A video of a helicopter being shot down by a stinger missile has gone viral, claiming that the Zionist entity’s helicopter was shot down during the ongoing conflict in Israel.

Fact: In February 2023, the identical video was discovered and posted to a YouTube channel. The Arma3 military simulation video game is all that’s shown in this video, according to the YouTube channel.

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