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Bharatpur, Rajasthan— Video Of Brawl Over Land Dispute, Propagandists Circulating False Claims: Fact-Check

A Video Of Brawl has surfaced purporting to show miscreants attacking families in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, with a group of people hurling stones and making threats.

Sunil Yadav (“@SunilYadavBJP“), State President OBC Morcha, shared the video on twitter to tell that The Congress ruled Rajasthan, not the Taliban. He also added that Rahul Gandhi’s love shop is spreading hate throughout the day. According to him, if the government didn’t protect these criminals, could they accomplish anything? In Rajasthan, people are no longer afraid of the law. He claimed that more of the miscreants are attacking a house in Bharatpur in the scene from Jungleraj, Rajasthan.

What is the real truth behind the video? Fact – Check

In actuality, the brawl stemmed from a land dispute between two brothers in Bharatpur’s Mathuragate P.S. A case was filed against both of them. It is unrelated to miscreants and the community.

After the incident went viral on the social media, Bharatput Police (“@BharatpurPolice”) clarified the users about the video and wrote “The above case is related to a land dispute between two brothers. Cases have been registered by both the parties at Mathuragate police station, in which effective action is going on. Police station officer Mathura Gate has been instructed to complete the investigative proceedings in the cases quickly and impartially.”

D-Intent Data verifed with authenticity that the news spread and claimed by the users on social media about this incident is fake.

Intent :

Videos with exaggerated claims are being circulated by influencers to criticise the state of Rajasthan’s government.

Conclusion :

Claim: According to a video that has gone viral, miscreants are attacking families in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, by throwing stones and making threats.

Fact : The truth is that a case was filed against both parties because the fight stemmed from a land dispute between two brothers in Mathuragate P.S. in Bharatpur. It has nothing to do with the community or miscreants.

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