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Israel-Palestine Conflict- An Image Of Israeli Couple Victim Of Hamas Terrorists Viral With False Claims 

A photo of a Couple has gone viral, purporting to show Amit and Nir taking a selfie at the music festival near the Gaza border fence on October 7th before getting killed by the Hamas terrorists.

@Modified_Hindu9 shared the picture of the Couple on Oct 10,2023. The user wrote on X that Amit and Nir, a Couple who were at a concert in Israel that evening, took their last picture while hiding in the bushes to avoid Hamas terrorists. At that party, hundreds of young Israelis were killed. Amit and Nir recorded their love on their mobile and shared their love and told the world about Hamas’s cruelty as soon as they realised they would not be able to live. The user supports Israel, it further added.The tweet was viral and reached to an about 116.8k users on twitter. The tweet was reposted by more than 1k people. The archive can be read from above.

Did the Couple Actually die after sharing the pic on social media? : Fact

The couple is still alive and is said to have escaped the terrorist attack on the music festival. The entire story has been shared by them on Instagram. The allegations regarding their demise are false and incorrect.

Amit Bar (“amit_bar_“) shared the picture on Instagram on Oct 9, 2023. After the incident, the story of that day was fully shared in the caption. Amit wrote it is nearly impossible to summarise what they went through there. It was a miracle that they returned home. He added that it was frightening to see the rockets which had a chance to fall on him. When Everyone wanted to leave, they attempted to drive by car until everything was blocked. They laid down to protect themselves and people began running around screaming that there were terrorists. The situation was terrific.

Here is the snapshot of the caption of the entire incident wrote by Amit Bar:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Influencers are spreading rumours about Israel under attack with exaggerated claims to set their own narrative.


Claim : A couple’s selfie has gone viral, purporting to show Amit and Nir before they were killed on October 7th by Hamas terrorists at a music festival close to the Gaza border fence.

Fact : The couple survived the terrorist attack on the music festival and that they are alive. Their entire narrative has been posted on Instagram. False and unfounded claims have been made regarding their death.

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