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Art Performance Video By Aryan Rafiq Viral as Yezidi Women Being Sold in Slavery Market in Iraq and Syria by Islamic State Terrorists: Fact-Check

According to a video, Islamic State terrorists sold Yezidis in slavery markets in Iraq and Syria. 

Verified profile on twitter @CapitanBitcoin shared the 20 seconds video and wrote “Selling women in Iraq market. All Muslim societies have been slave-owning, from Arabia to Persia through al-Andalus. Between 1530 and 1780, 1.25 million Europeans were kidnapped and enslaved in North Africa and 3 more by the Tatars”. The tweet went viral and reached to an almost 697.5k views. The user made the tweet on Oct 29, 2023. The archive can be read from above.

Twitter users, including Azzat Alsalem (“@AzzatAlsaalem“) claimed that the lSlS sold Yezidi women in Iraqi and Syrian slavery markets after sharing the video. According to the user, over 7000 Yezidi women were abducted and raped and 2704 Yezidis are still missing. The user also wrote that the Europa’s future will be like this itself. He further added in a recent post, which is made on Dec 12, 2023, that 10,000 were killed for refusing to convert to Islam.

According to @ajaychauhan41, the video is of a Syrian market where sex slaves are bought and sold. The thoughts of the user reached to an almost 128.7k views on twitter. The post was made on Oct 26, 2023.

Several other users, including @realMaalouf claimed the same on social media, contributing to the spread of the information. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth about this Viral Video? : Fact

The truth is that this is an art performance. It has nothing to do with the slavery market. This video has been shared numerous times over the last few months. It was an art performance by Aryan Rafiq.

Aryan Rafiq, a Tiktok account user posted the video of the art performance. This gives us a clear idea that the video is not related to the slavery market at all.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Old videos with fictitious claims are being circulated by misinformation propaganda accounts, to set their propaganda based on religion.


Claim : A video has surfaced that purports to show that terrorists from the Islamic State sold Yezidis into slavery markets in Syria and Iraq.

Fact : It is a fact that this is an art performance by Aryan Rafiq. Slavery market has nothing to do with it. In recent months, this specific video has been shared numerous times.

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