Kerala — Muslim Girls Targeted An Elderly Hindu Woman For Entering a Bus Without Wearing a Burqa? Fact-Check

There is a video that has gone viral that purports to show Muslim girls attacking an elderly Hindu woman for getting on a bus without wearing a burqa.

Verified accounts on twitter, including RadioGenoa (“@RadioGenoa“) tweeted that in Kerala, Muslim women harass Hindu women for not wearing veils when they board the bus. The angry Muslim women yelled at her to wear burqa. The user also tweeted the 29 seconds video. The post was made on Oct 27, 2023, which reached to an almost 556.9k views on twitter.

@SheetalPronamo claimed that Kerala’s Hindu population was over 70% in 1901 and now stands at 54.5% as of 2011. According to the viral video, Hindu women are not permitted to board buses if they do not wear a burqa. The user tweeted these are the Communist rules for which the Hindu population has declined in Kerala. The post was further retweeted by 4.3k user accounts.

Amy Mek (“@AmyMek“), an investigative journalist, tweeted “Sharia Patrols in India! Islamic woman harassed a Hindu woman for daring to ride a bus in Kerala without a sharia covering. The enraged Muslims demanded she wear a burqa. Muslims do not want Hindus to ride on public transportation without adhering to their Sharia demands – Allahu Akbar! Sharia patrols are becoming increasingly prevalent in India and Europe. Women and all non-Muslims who are not acting or dressing according to Islamic law are being harassed and attacked. Meanwhile, Muslims throughout India are busy pretending/whining that they are being victimized by Hindus…”

According to @MrSinha_, Majority of them in the bus were in burqa and only one woman was wearing a Saree. The majority attacked the individual wearing the saree on the bus. @MeghUpdates also claimed alongwith several other users that the disturbing viral video from Kerala shows Muslim women forcing a Hindu woman to wear a burqa and cover her head in accordance with Sharia law while riding a bus.

Many other twitter users, including Incognito (“@Incognito_qfs“), @SaffronSunanda, Rosy, @Sudhir_mish spread the news on the social media that Muslim females in a bus in Kerala fighting and refusing Hindus to enter the bus as they won’t let any women ride in buses without burqa. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About the Video? : Fact

The truth is that the Govt College Kumbala, Kasargode students are protesting  in the bus for not stopping for them. An altercation breaks out between the woman and the bus staff after they argue. It is unrelated to the Burqa religion. A video of the protest was uploaded last week and was discovered on a number of social media sites. No audio evidence supporting the alleged religious agenda narrative has been discovered.

The youtube channel of MARUNADAN TV also posted the video on Oct 21, 2023. It can be clearly understood that the video has no link to any religious fight.

Check out the video here:

This argument is a student protest against the bus, not because of any group issue, according to a local media reporter. There is no proof of any religious attack.

S. A AJIMS (“@saajims“) tweeted “This a protest staged by students of Govt college kumbala, Kasargode for not stopping for them. The aged lady argues for bus employees and a spat goes on with students. The students ask her do you agree a bus not stopping for your daughter do she is a student. Not a communal spat” on Oct 27, 2023.

SCHOOL COLLEGE OF KERALA posted the youtube video of the incident on Oct 23, 2023.

Check out the video here:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating videos with false claims to set their agenda based on religion.


Claim : According to a circulated video, Muslim girls harassed an elderly Hindu woman for boarding a bus without wearing a burqa.

Fact : The truth is that the Govt College Kumbala, Kasargode students are protesting  against the bus because it  didn’t stop for them. The lady gets into an argument with the bus drivers, which leads to an altercation. It has nothing to do with the religion or the Burqa.

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