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Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh — Young Man Beaten And Looted By Miscreants, Police Suppress The Matter? Fact-Check

There have been reports of a young man being beaten and looted by miscreants in Hardoi, and police attempting to quash the incident by threatening the victim.

Verified accounts on twitter, including News1Indiatweet (“@News1IndiaTweet“) tweeted “Robbery incident with young man in Hardoi 65 thousand rupees were looted after beating a young man The driver and 2 others looted thousands of rupees from the young man and left him dead. The driver and his companions ran away leaving the unconscious youth Young man injured in robbery is undergoing treatment The police tried to suppress the entire matter by threatening the victim. Video of injured youth is also going viral on social media Case of Kathma Road of Shahabad Kotwali @hardoipolice @Uppolice @dgpup“. The tweet post was made on Dec 24,2023.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

According to the police, two parties got into a fight over a few things. In front of the village’s elite, the issue was resolved with the agreement of both parties. Nothing about the robbery has surfaced during the inquiry. The assertions are unfounded and untrue.

The official account of Hardoi Police (“@hardoipolice“) tweeted “In the referred case, there was an altercation between the two parties over some issue, a settlement has been reached with mutual consent by both the parties in front of the elite persons of the village, no matter of robbery has come to light in the investigation. Please refrain from spreading misleading news.” on Dec 24, 2023.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propaganda media outlets are circulating false claims to target the police administration and trying to create panic among the public. According to reports, a young man was beaten and looted by miscreants in Hardoi. Police attempted to suppress the incident by threatening the victim. After proper research, analysis and fact-checking, we have discovered that Police have confirmed that there was an altercation between two parties over a few issues. The issue was resolved by mutual consent of both parties in front of the village’s elites. The investigation has not revealed any information about the robbery. The claims are false and unsubstantiated.


Fact : According to police, there was a fight between two people about certain things. The issue was resolved in front of the village’s elite individuals with the consent of both parties. The investigation has yielded no information regarding the robbery. They are unfounded and untrue.

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