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Video Of Famous Transgender Model Shaikh Khushi Circulated as Bride Dancing at Her Wedding: Fact-Check

Videos purporting to show a bride dancing at her wedding have been circulated. The videos show a person dancing in front of spectators in a hall.

@Bharatprahari1 claimed that the bride is dancing on her wedding day in the video. The user added “Where did they come out saying my freedom, my will!! It was okay till the bride was dancing, but is it appropriate for the bride to show such promiscuity?? If father had kept the ticket, the wedding expenses would have been covered.” on Feb 3, 2024. The tweet has received an about 144k views on X.

Several other users, including @EmonMukherjee21 made the same claim that the bride danced inappropriately on her wedding day. The viral video shows her dance in wedding attire. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

In actuality, she is a popular transgender model known by the name of Shaikh Khushi, who typically performs in wedding ceremonies. The video is not at all related to the bride.

We visited the Youtube Channel of Shaikh Khushi, where more such videos can be seen. The video was uploaded in Youtube on July 17, 2023.

Check out the full Video:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Influencers are circulating videos with false claims to get the spotlight on social media. A video that shows an individual dancing in front of spectators in a hall has been shared claiming that a bride is dancing at her wedding. The truth is that Shaikh Khushi, a transgender model who frequently participates in wedding ceremonies. The video does not feature the bride at all.


Fact : The fact is that she is not the bride but a transgender model named Shaikh Khushi, who usually performs at wedding ceremonies. Nothing to do with bride.

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