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Video Of Sick Leopard Behaving Like a Domesticated Circulated With False Claims: Fact-Check

There’s a video circulating of a leopard acting like a domesticated animal, with the allegation that the cheetah went into a Bihar liquor manufacturing plant, drank the liquor and became intoxicated.

Verified accounts on twitter, including @27stories_ claimed that when a cheetah sneaked into a liquor manufacturing facility in Bihar, it consumed the alcohol and became drunk. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

In actuality, this is an old footage from Dewas in Madhya Pradesh, where villagers captured a sick leopard with a neurological disorder. The video originates from Madhya Pradesh, and the allegations regarding alcohol consumption are unfounded and untrue.

We visited Times of India, which published an article on this incident on August 31, 2023 with the headline “Sick leopard seen in viral video suffering from neurological disorder, brought to Indore zoo for treatment”. NDTV also posted about this incident on Sep 1, 2023, sharing the same image of the leopard with the headline ” Sick Leopard Abused, Harassed By Madhya Pradesh Villagers Dies In Indore”.

Check out the full Video:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Influencers are circulating old videos of a sick leopard with false claims to get the spotlight on social media. A video of a leopard behaving like a domesticated animal is being circulated, claiming that a cheetah entered a liquor manufacturing plant in Bihar and drank the liquor, becoming intoxicated. This is, in fact, an old video from Dewas in Madhya Pradesh, where villagers captured a sick leopard with a neurological disorder. The allegations regarding alcohol consumption in the Madhya Pradesh-based video are unfounded and untrue.


Fact : The fact is that this is an old video from Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas, where a sick leopard who was suffering from a neurological disorder was caught by villagers. The video is from Madhya Pradesh, and the claims about consuming liquor are false and baseless.

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