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Muslim Man Caught Wearing Burqa While Voting in India? Fact-Check 

According to a video that has gone viral, a Muslim male was seen in India voting while hiding his identity and was caught wearing a burqa and having his clothing taken off by authorities and police.

@harishji21 tweeted “Voting in burqa should be stopped Election Commission should be serious There are so many incidents of yours inside the burqa, what can the administration do? See, your aunt has been caught doing fake voting under the cover of burqa.” on April 20, 2024.

Several other accounts, including @AnitaVladivoski made the same claim that the police removed clothes of man posing himself as a woman and wearing a burqa during the voting in India. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

This is an outdated Pakistani video that has nothing to do with India. If seen closely, it can be seen that the policeman is wearing a uniform with the Lahore Police badge with the Pakistani flag, while the words “Capital City Police Lahore” are printed on the wall in the backdrop. In June 2023, the Lahore police filed a case in relation to the viral video (the policeman was also suspended). So, it is a misleading claim that the police removed burqa of a man who was posing himself as a woman during the voting in India.

@Lahorepoliceops tweeted “The recent incident involving the arrest of a person cloaked in woman attire has raised concern. While it was a lawful arrest carried out by SI Qadeer, what followed next was distressing as the police officer resorted to indecent gestures while stripping the accused of the” on June 18, 2023.

@Tahirmughalpml8 added “Another revolutionary Yothia arrested from Zaman Park, which will leave your eyes wide open” on June 18, 2023.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


User circulating old videos from Pakistan claiming to be from India to set their narrative to influence the ongoing elections. A video that shows a man posing himself as a woman wearing a burqa and police removing his clothes has been shared, claiming that a Muslim man was caught wearing a burqa during voting in India. There is nothing to do with India in this outdated Pakistani video. When examined more closely, the policeman can be seen donning a uniform bearing the Lahore Police badge and the Pakistani flag, while the words “Capital City Police Lahore” are inscribed on the wall behind him. Regarding the viral video, the Lahore police opened a case in June 2023 (the policeman was suspended as well).


Fact : This is an old video from Pakistan, nothing to do with India. Upon closer observation, the policeman can be seen wearing a uniform with the Pakistani flag and the Lahore Police badge, while “Capital City Police Lahore” is written on the wall in the background. The Lahore police registered a case regarding the viral video (the Policeman was also suspended) in June 2023.

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