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“False Islamophobic Narrative Spreads as Misleading Video Circulates Claiming Spanish Doctor Forced Muslim Woman to Remove Hijab During Medical Exam, Resulting in Assault by Husband


ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:A video is being circulated with misleading claim that in Spain doctor asked a Muslim woman patient to remove her hijab for medical examination, So her husband got offended & thrashed doctor. Video justified by giving it a Islamophobia angle.Fact is that this is an old video from Russia where a Muslim couple visited to a dermatologist for medical examination. The doctor simply asked the woman to show her elbows for check ups. Once the inspection was complete, he complemented her skin .After leaving the doctor’s office, the woman complained to her husband and he trashed doctor.The incident took place in September 2021 in Russia.

INTENT: Users sharing old video with false claim which fit their agenda to spread religious hate in India.

Misleading :


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