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“Pakistani girl exposed for running fake South Asian Human Rights Watch account targeting India”

Actual story of a #PakistaniGirl running South Asian Human Rights Watch (SAHRW). An account impersonating “SAHRW” organization circulating multiple old videos with fake claims to target India. In reality she belongs to #ISPR team, guided for this project for long.

The account shared hundreds of videos with fake claims here are few such examples – 1. Dawood Ibrahim Yakub Ansari vandalized a graveyard at St Michael’s Church in Jan 2023, but this account projected as it was done by a Hindu.

2. A video of Gangwar from Gujarat where some youths thrashed a guy who was a Hindu, this account projected victim as Christian.

3. 2-year-old incident from Madhya Pradesh in which family members of a woman mercilessly thrashed her in 2021 for having romantic relation with own brother, this account projected it twice with different fake narratives as police personnel tortured women in Bihar.

4. A thief was caught red handed by farmers in Karnataka where they beat him up and he belongs to Hinduism. This account projected it is the man is Christian and was beaten up because of his religious identity.

This South Asian Human Rights watch account is nothing but a Pakistani. Upon research we found thousands of tweets portraying Anti India hate and praising #Pakistan and numerous interaction with Pakistani people.

We did more detailed analysis to verify twitter Id, we found same ID number 1147203611178483712 for archived tweets from @hawyysachiiii and current

@SAHR_Watch .

We went deeper and found this is a Pakistani girl named Isra. Unfortunately, she forgot to delete old tweets before becoming SAHRW. Here are some archives tweets comparisons between previous and present status.

With detailed analysis and study, we found she used photos of foreign girls to increase followers and reach. Not only via twitter, but she also utilized Instagram and other social media to build huge follower base.

There is more evidence that proves this account belongs to DGISPR IT Cell and was involved in spreading disinformation in Kashmir to support terror activities in the valley region and slowly built into a propaganda account.

Before becoming “South Asian Human Rights Watch” account was following more than 2k accounts but now following dropped below 400,to make it look like an organization official account. Majority of her followers are from Pakistan & Likes provided from Pakistani accounts only

After the death of pro-Pakistani, Kashmiri-separatist Syed Ali Geelani in 2021, the account became a Propaganda account with a different identity impersonating as “SAHRW” . #Khalistan propaganda spreader Pieter Friedrich’s content highlighted too by this account.

This has become a habit of Pakistanis to create ISPR funded #fake accounts to do propaganda.However this is sad to witness common people in Pakistan are not getting flour,wheat, vegetables,medicines,whereas Govt/Army wasting funding on fake account #PakistanEconomicCrisis

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