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A Teacher Teaches Namaz To Students At A School In The Uttar Pradesh District Of Baghpat
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A Teacher Teaches Namaz To Students At A School In The Uttar Pradesh District Of Baghpat – Fact Check

In the age of social media, videos and images can quickly become tools for spreading misinformation. Recently, a video clip featuring girl students from a school in the Baghpat District of Uttar Pradesh has been circulating on social media with false claims. In this blog, we aim to uncover the truth behind this viral video and shed light on the deceptive practices used to create communal disharmony.

False Claims and Misleading Context:

The video clip in question depicts a group of girl students engaged in a particular activity. However, false claims have been made, alleging that a teacher was teaching the students Namaz, a Muslim prayer, at the school. It is essential to examine the facts and unravel the true nature of the video to prevent the spread of baseless accusations.

The Reality: A Rehearsal for a Cultural Event:

According to the police, the viral video is not recent, but rather an old video from a rehearsal for a cultural event at the school. The video has been manipulated and edited, distorting the original context. The claim that the students were performing Namaz is entirely false and lacks any basis in reality.

Exposing the Deception:

It is alarming to witness the deliberate spreading of false information, as it only serves to create communal disharmony. Social media influencers and media outlets have a responsibility to verify the authenticity of the content they share before disseminating it to the public. Circulating old and doctored videos with false claims not only fuels tensions but also undermines trust in the digital information landscape.

Intent: Combating Misinformation and Promoting Unity:

The intent behind the circulation of the manipulated video is concerning. It aims to exploit religious sentiments, sow seeds of discord, and create a sense of division within society. By debunking these false claims and shedding light on the true nature of the video, we can work towards countering the spread of misinformation and fostering a more united and inclusive society.


As responsible users of social media, it is crucial to be vigilant and discerning consumers of information. False claims and doctored videos can easily manipulate public opinion and lead to social unrest. By actively seeking the truth, fact-checking, and promoting critical thinking, we can contribute to a healthier online environment and safeguard against the spread of divisive propaganda. Let us strive for unity, respect, and harmony in our digital interactions, fostering a society that thrives on accurate and unbiased information.

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