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Al-Jazeera News Network Makes Pressure on Gurugram Police to Take Action Against Hindu Activists? Fact-Check

Following the communal violence on July 31st in the Nuh and Gurugram districts of Haryana, the administration takes action impartially against all the miscreants/rioters involved in the communal violence between Hindus and Muslims. Several social media influencers circulated fake news started by the Sudarshan news “Resident editor and senior journalist Mukesh Kumar ” The users claimed Arab based anti-India propaganda media outlet Al-Jazeera News Network Makes pressure on Gurugram police to take action against the Hindu activists in connection with the Nuh & Gurugram violence. Here is the truth you need to know.

False claims about Gurugram police and Al-Jazeera News Network

Several social media influencers including media personalities circulated the news with the claim that Gurugram police were taking action against Hindu activists because the Arab-based Al-Jazeera News Network was making pressure on the police through phone calls. Initially, the news was circulated by the Resident editor and senior journalist of Sudarshan News Mukesh Kumar with the claim that the Gurgaon police commissioner is taking action against Hindu activists after receiving calls from the Gulf-based Al Jazeera news network. He claimed after receiving calls from Al-Jazeera she came under pressure and arrested Hindu activists. Mukesh Kumar’s Twitter post can be found here (Archived) and other Twitter posts with similar claims can be found here (Archived), Here (Archived) and Here (Archived).

Research, Analysis and Fact

After surpassing the claims made by Mukesh Kumar and others Gurugram police clarified that “the Gurugram police are investigating the incidents impartially and taking action against the culprits as per the rules, no partiality is being done against any particular community or individuals, Gurugram police is acting impartially as per the provisions of the law. Hence the claims made by the journalist and other influencers were found to be false. The police Twitter post can be accessed here (Archived).


Misinformation propaganda accounts including media personalities Circulate false and baseless claims to target the administration and to defend miscreants belonging to a particular community.


Claim- Gurugram police take action against Hindu activists after receiving calls from Al-Jazeera News Network.

Fact- Police have clarified that police are acting impartially against the miscreants/rioters.

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