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Pali, Rajasthan — Old Video Of Young Man Forced To Drink Water And Urine From Shoes Over Love Affair, Resurfaced With Casteist Claims: Fact-Check

A man is shown being made to drink water out of a shoe in an old video is making the rounds.The video has been circulated with the false assertion that the victim is a Dalit and that upper caste people humiliate her because of his identity.

@SAHR_Watch tweeted “The plight of the Dalit community in India continues to be a cause for concern, as incidents of caste-based discrimination and violence continue to occur with alarming frequency.” on April 4, 2023. The tweet has received an about 60.2k views on X.

Several other accounts, including @SamKhan999 made the same claim that it is an incident of caste based discrimination and violence. The video again got resurfaced during July 2023. @SanjayAzadSln added “First consider a human being as a human being and then talk about uniform civil code.” on July 10, 2023. There were several tweets made on this incident during April 2024. According to @AsianDigest, the lower caste Hindu man was punished by drinking water out of a shoe of one upper caste individual. @NidhiSinghRH made the same claim in a twiter post by adding “Amazing picture of Modi’s India. See the practice of punishing a lower caste Hindu by making him drink water from a shoe for drinking tap water of an upper caste in Modi era. The government that could not eliminate discrimination from the country, how will that government develop the backward castes”. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

As a matter of fact, this is an old video from Pali in Rajasthan, where some people punished the man for having an extramarital affair. The victim and accused are from the same caste. The tragedy happened in the Pali district’s Sumerpur village on June 11, 2020. All of the accused were the targets of action. In August 2022, Rajasthan police refuted the spurious report alleging caste prejudice.

The official account of @PoliceRajasthan tweeted “This video is #Fake happening at #सोशल_मीडिया at #Viral . #Video Claims of cruelty against a Dalit have been made. This is absolutely wrong, both parties belong to the same community. This video is from the year 2020, the accused in the case have also been arrested. #RajasthanPolice #StopFakeNews” on August 23, 2022.

We visited bhaskar, which published an article on this incident with the headline “Inhumanity in the name of punishment: In Rajasthan, after having an affair with a married woman, a young man was given water and urine in his shoes, five arrested.” about 4 years ago. Because the victim had an affair with a married woman of the same village, the accused were upset with her. The accused forced the young person to drink water in shoes and urine in a liquor bottle during the altercation. The victim’s brother and uncle were summoned to the residence by the accused, who subsequently tied them to a tree for the duration of the night. When the victim’s parents got home the following morning, the culprit demanded Rs 5,000 from them as retribution. The victim was hounded by the accused, who threatened to have him leave the village. This case has been filed by Sumerpur Police in connection to the events of June 11 on the night of June 15.  Laxmanram Devasi, Jawanaram, Bhimaram, Navaram, and Dargaram Devasi, the five accused, were taken into custody early on Tuesday morning. A child molester has also been taken under protection.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Fake news paddler account run by Pakistani ISI ,spreading old video with false claim to target India. An old video is being circulated in which a man can be seen being forced to drink water from a shoe.The video has been shared with misleading claim that the victim belongs to Dalit caste & is humiliated by upper caste people because of identity. This is an old video from Rajasthan’s Pali in which some people punished a man for having an affair with a married woman. The accused and victim belong to the same caste. The incident occurred on June 11, 2020 in Sumerpur village, Pali district. All of the the accused were held accountable. In August 2022, Rajasthan police disproved a fake report of caste prejudice.


Fact : Fact is that this is an old video from Rajasthan’s Pali where some people punished this man for having affair with married Woman. Accused and victim belong to same caste.

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