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Aligarh Suicide Tragedy
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Aligarh Suicide Tragedy Unveiled: A Tale of Misinformation and Targeted Propaganda

In a heartbreaking incident that unfolded in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, a young girl was found dead, allegedly by suicide. However, the incident was quickly hijacked by misinformation propagators who spread false claims, aiming to target a specific community. This blog unravels the incident, exposes the misleading tweets, examines the fact-checking efforts undertaken by D-Intent, and sheds light on the complete intent behind the Aligarh Suicide Tragedy.

Incident Overview: 

According to reports, the deceased girl had married Deepak four years ago but subsequently left him. Approximately a year ago, she married Faizan and was residing with him in a rented house in the Bhujpura area of Aligarh. Tragically, it was in this residence that she took her own life. Distraught by the loss, the mother of the deceased accused her ex-husband, Deepak, of murder. However, it is important to note that the police investigation led to the arrest of her current husband, Faizan, for abetment of suicide. The investigation is still ongoing.

Misleading Tweets Circulated:

Amidst the tragic circumstances, certain Twitter accounts engaged in a disinformation campaign, spreading misleading information with false claims. These tweets aimed to manipulate public opinion and target a particular community. Let’s examine some of the tweets that perpetuated misinformation:

Tweet by @KashifArsalaan: One of the prominent misleading tweets was shared by @KashifArsalaan. The tweet falsely claimed that the deceased girl’s ex-husband, Deepak, murdered her. This tweet garnered significant attention, further exacerbating the confusion surrounding the incident. (Archive)

Tweet by @ZakirAliTyagi: @ZakirAliTyagi also joined the bandwagon of misinformation by asserting that the deceased girl was murdered, without providing any concrete evidence to support this claim. Such misleading statements contribute to the spread of rumors and false narratives. (Archive)

Tweet by @AshrafFem: Adding fuel to the fire, @AshrafFem tweeted an unverified statement that accused Deepak of murdering the girl. This tweet rapidly gained traction, amplifying the false narrative and fueling communal tensions. (Archive)

Tweet by @s_afreen7: Another tweet that propagated misinformation was posted by @s_afreen7. The tweet claimed that the deceased girl was murdered by her ex-husband, Deepak. Such misleading content spreads quickly, creating a distorted perception of the incident. (Archive)

Tweet by @MuslimLivesMtrs: In a misguided attempt to bring attention to the incident, @MuslimLivesMtrs tweeted without verifying the facts, stating that the girl was murdered. This tweet further contributed to the disinformation campaign surrounding the tragic event. (Archive)

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

Thankfully, organizations like D-Intent took immediate action to counter the misinformation. Here are some of the steps they undertook to fact-check the incident:

Zeenews Article: D-Intent shared a link to an article by Zeenews, a reputable news source. The article debunked the false claims circulating on social media, clarifying the sequence of events and emphasizing the role of the deceased girl’s current husband in the investigation. (Archive)

Complete Intent Unveiled: 

The intent behind the misinformation campaign surrounding this incident becomes evident upon careful examination. Extremist and propaganda-driven accounts leveraged the tragedy to further their agendas, targeting a particular community. By fabricating false claims and manipulating public opinion, these accounts sought to deepen existing divisions and incite communal unrest.


In the midst of a tragic incident, the Aligarh suicide tragedy, the propagation of misleading information exemplifies the dangers of misinformation campaigns and targeted propaganda. Through the efforts of organizations like D-Intent, the truth emerges, highlighting the importance of fact-checking and critical thinking in the face of such incidents. By understanding the complete intent behind such events, we can collectively strive for a more informed and united society.

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