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Old video from Columbia man seen helping people to cross road
Fact Check

An Old Video Of a Columbian Man Helping People To Cross a Flooded Road Circulated as India: Fact-Check

A video is being circulated on social media, showing a Columbian man helping people to cross a flooded road who is claimed as Indian. The man is ferrying pedestrians across a flooded road in a pushcart, he is also seen talking money for the service. The viral video has drawn massive criticism on the Internet. A few Twitter handles also question the authenticity of the video.

A user named @Jayati1609 posted the video on July 27, 2023, on Twitter and quoted “So much of “New India” with its old inequality in this video: collapsing infrastructure devastated by climate change, human ingenuity grasping any income-earning opportunity in a jobless economic context, barefoot worker serving the middle class…”


To check the authenticity of the claims regarding the viral video, our team did some research. Meanwhile, the team found a news report on the newspaper website of the Indian Express uploaded on  September 18, 2022, with the title “Colombian man’s ingenuity to help people cross flooded roads goes viral”

Columbian Man Helping People

Furthermore, we have also found the same video posted by user @donfelixSPM on Twitter on September 16, 2022.

The claim that the video is from India is misleading. There are actual news reports which verify where the video originated it was reportedly taken in Barranquilla in Colombia, where a man is seen ferrying pedestrians across a flooded road in a type of makeshift push cart, and he is seen taking money for his service.


The D-Intent fact check approves the claim of social media users regarding this video are misleading since the video is an old video and is not from India. The person in the video is from Columbia and the video is reported way back in 2022.

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