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An old video of BJP Leaders Being Heckled in Darjeeling West Bengal falsely Linked With Manipur

A video showing BJP leaders getting heckled and being chased by a group of people has been shared with the claim that this is a recent incident reported from Manipur where BJP leaders were thrashed by locals. These claims are false, let’s know the truth.

Users circulating the video

Social media influencers are circulating the video that shows a group of people thrashing a group of 4-5 political workers on a busy road. The video circulates with the claim that when BJP bigwigs tried to visit Manipur they were beaten up by locals because they didn’t control the Manipur ethnic violence. The misleading post can be found here (Archived).

Research, Analysis & Facts

The D-Intent Data team found that the video is old and being circulated with false claims. Upon research, we found several reports 1. The Indian Express (Archived ), 2. Outlook (Archived) and videos NMF news here, ABP News here with the same visuals, according to the reports the video is from West Bengal’s Darjeeling where a BJP delegation led by state president Dilip Ghosh was chased and heckled by supporters of Binay Tamang in October 2017. The video has nothing to do with Manipur violence and it is not a recent incident.


Misinformation propaganda accounts with political backgrounds are circulating old videos from Darjeeling, West Bengal claiming it to be from Manipur to set their political narrative and fuel the ongoing violence in the state of Manipur.


Claim– BJP leaders were beaten up by locals when they tried to visit violence-hit areas in Manipur.

Fact– This is a more than 5 years old video from Darjeeling, West Bengal which has nothing to do with Manipur violence.

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