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Unraveling the Truth: Landslide in India - Debunking Misinformation
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An Old Video Of Devastating Landslide/Rockslide From Himachal Pradesh Circulates As A Recent Incident In Maharashtra: Fact-Check

In the era of social media and instant news sharing, misinformation can spread like wildfire. One such incident that exemplifies this is the circulation of a video claiming to be a recent landslide in Maharashtra, India, after heavy rains in the state. Pakistani media outlets shared this video, creating panic and fear among the public. However, the truth behind the incident reveals a different story. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the misleading links, explore the incident’s reality, and highlight how D-Intent’s fact-checking efforts brought forth the truth.

The Incident Unraveled:

A video of a terrible landslide/rockslide circulated on Pakistani media outlets, claiming it to be a recent event in Maharashtra, India, due to heavy rain. However, upon closer examination, it was discovered that the video was not from Maharashtra, but rather an old video from Himachal Pradesh, India. In 2021, this devastating rockslide destroyed a bridge and tragically resulted in the loss of at least 9 tourists. The incident had nothing to do with Maharashtra or the recent rains in the state.

Misleading Links:

One of the misleading links shared by BOLNETWORK on Twitter propagated false claims about the origin of the video, adding to the confusion and panic.

Fact-Checking Efforts by D-Intent:

D-Intent, a reliable fact-checking organization, took the responsibility of verifying the claims made in the misleading links. Their objective was to uncover the truth and dispel the misinformation circulating about the incident.

Fact Checking Links:

To validate the authenticity of the video, fact-checking efforts led them to credible sources such as and These sources provided evidence that the video was indeed from Himachal Pradesh in 2021 and had no connection to Maharashtra.

Unveiling the Truth:

After meticulous fact-checking, D-Intent confirmed that the claims made by the Pakistani media outlets were indeed false. The video circulating as a recent landslide in Maharashtra was, in fact, an old video from Himachal Pradesh. The intention behind sharing this misinformation was to create panic and fear in India.


The incident of the misleading video highlights the need for responsible information sharing and fact-checking. Misinformation can lead to panic, fear, and confusion among the public. Fact-checking organizations like D-Intent play a crucial role in upholding truth and combating the spread of fake news. As responsible individuals, it is vital to verify information before sharing it further. By doing so, we can collectively promote accurate information and prevent the dissemination of misleading claims.

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