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Category : Fact Check

Fact CheckSayemaZakir Ali Tyagi

Patna, Bihar — Old Image From “BJP Bhagao Desh Bachao” Rally 2017, Resurfaced as “Jan Vishwas Rally” 2024: Fact-Check 

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A photograph purporting to be from the “Jan Vishwas Rally” of the INDIA Alliance in Patna shows an enormous crowd gathering. Verified accounts on twitter, including...
Fact CheckThe Saviour

McDonald’s Stores Closed in Sri Lanka Over Poor Hygiene, Propagandists Linked To Israel-Palestine Conflict: Fact-Check 

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Pro-Palestine accounts are spreading misinformation about McDonald’s stores closing in Sri Lanka due to a boycott campaign against their support for Israel. Verified accounts on twitter, including...
Fact CheckThe Saviour

Old Video Of Mob Thrashing Molester In Indore, Resurfaced With Communal Claims: Fact-Check 

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A false report claiming a Muslim man was assaulted by a Hindu mob in an incident of religious hate crime in India has been circulated...

This Image Doesn’t Show Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut Enjoying Cocktail Party With Gangster and Terrorist Abu Salem: Fact-Check 

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A picture of actress and BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut sitting on a chair with a man standing next to her, holding a cocktail glass, has...
Fact CheckThe Dalit Voice

Old Image From 2012 Movie “Kingdom of Ants”, Circulated With Multiple False Claims: Fact-Check 

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A photo purporting to show minor Nikhil, who was killed in April 2018 at a protest to save the SC/ST Act, has being circulated. Verified accounts on...
Fact CheckMediaMorphMuhammad Tanveer

Digitally Altered Billboard About Open Defecation Awareness From Ghana, Falsely Linked To Indians in Canada: Fact-Check

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A photo of a billboard has gone viral, purporting that Indian-majority Canadian cities have posted Hindi-language boards on their parks and beaches urging Indian people to refrain...
Fact CheckSulaiman Ahmed

Yemeni Fisherman’s Dead Body From Red Sea Falsely Circulated as Israeli Brutality Against Palestinian: Fact-Check 

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A sensitive photograph of a dead person being dragged has been spread, claiming to show Israeli brutality against Palestinians in Gaza. Verified accounts on twitter, including @PALMENA_IC tweeted...
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