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Karur, Tamilnadu– Students Belonging to Most Backwards Class Skipped Breakfast Cooked By Dalit Woman, Distorted Claims Propagated

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A few days ago in Karur, Tamil Nadu, a sad incident took place in a government school under the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme due to...
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Misleading Tweets Spread False Narrative: The Truth Behind the Kolkuru Village Incident

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In the age of social media, misinformation can spread like wildfire, fueling tensions and perpetuating false narratives. Recently, a sensitive video depicting a couple tied...
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Viral Video Sparks Misleading Claims of Kidnapping and Caste-Based Marriage: The Truth Behind the Incident

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In the age of social media, videos and images have the power to spread like wildfire, often leading to misconceptions and the propagation of false...
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