1083 Jewish Kids Christian Women Fact Check

Jewish Kids Misbehaved With Two Evangelists in Israel’s Jerusalem, False Claims About Palestinian Muslims

Introduction A few days ago, a video of an argument between a group of Jewish kids and two Christian women in Jerusalem, Israel started spreading on social media showing. The video has been widely shared with the misleading claim that these kids are Palestinian Muslims harassing Christian tourists. In India, a main propagandist @raviagrawal3, shared […]

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Khalistani Separatist Fact Check

Khalistani Separatist Attacks Two Men Celebrating India’s Independence Day In Southall, London, Propagandists Circulate False Claims

A few days ago, on the 15th of August, a disturbing incident occurred during the Indian Independence Day celebration in Southall, London. The incident involved an altercation between two groups, which was later shared on social media with a misleading narrative. The fact of the matter is that a Khalistan separatist named Gurmeet Singh instigated […]

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Brutal Attack on Aman Bhandari Fact Check

Man Was Chased Away by Angry Protesters After the Brutal Attack on Aman Bhandari in Dehradun, Propaganda Accounts Make False Claims: Fact-Check

In recent days, a video has been circulating on various social media platforms, showing a group of individuals appearing to chase away a person while a policeman intervenes. Claims accompanying the video suggest that a Hindu mob targeted a man from a minority community due to his religious identity. However, a detailed examination reveals that […]

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