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Delhi — Muslim Man Beaten To Death On The Suspicion Of Theft, Propagandists Circulated Video With Communal Claims: Fact-Check

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In recent days, a disturbing video has circulated on social media, suggesting that a Muslim man was mercilessly beaten to death by a Hindu mob...
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Ranchi, Jharkhand — Prisoner Slit His Throat and Committed Suicide inside Jail, Propagandists Claimed Murder: Fact-Check

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A few days ago, a series of misinformation swept across social media platforms. The false narrative revolved around the suicide of a Muslim prisoner named...
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Minors Boy and Girl Eloped Together, Caught and Beaten at Mumbai’s Bandra Terminus, Propagandists Set Fake Narratives: Fact-Check

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A few days ago, a video surfaced on various social media platforms depicting an angry mob assaulting a teenage boy at Mumbai’s Bandra Terminus, while...
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Unraveling Misleading Narratives: Examining the Arrest of a Coaching Center Operator for Namaz

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Introduction: In the age of social media, misinformation can spread rapidly, often leading to the distortion of facts and the promotion of false narratives. Recently,...
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