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Video Of Chehlum Procession In Delhi Being Linked To G-20 Summit in Wrong Context: Fact-Check

Several days ago, a video depicting the Chehlum procession in Delhi surfaced on social media, accompanied by claims that it was intended to disrupt the upcoming G-20 Summit in the city. The source of this viral video is multiple social media posts that wrongly linked the Chehlum procession to the G-20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi. […]

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Nuh Violence Fact Check

Sudarshan News Editor Mukesh Kumar Was Arrested For Circulating fake news about Nuh Violence, not kidnapped

A few days ago, a series of false claims emerged from right-wing news portal, Sudarshan News Editor and its journalists, alleging the kidnapping of their journalist, Mukesh Kumar, in broad daylight from Gurugram Sector 17. However, when dug into the whole story it revealed a different reality. Mukesh Kumar was not kidnapped; he was arrested […]

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Debunking Misinformation: JE Amir Khan and Family Not Missing After Balasore Train Accident Fact Check

Debunking Misinformation: JE Amir Khan and Family Not Missing After Balasore Train Accident

In the age of social media, false news spreads like wildfire, often causing panic and distress among the public. The recent Balasore Train Accident, which tragically claimed the lives of 292 passengers, became the target of misleading information and baseless rumors. This blog aims to shed light on the incident and debunk the false claims […]

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Exposing false narratives surrounding a viral video, revealing the intent behind misleading tweets and fact-checking efforts. Fact Check

Misleading Tweets Spark Religious Narrative: A Closer Look at the Ghaziabad Incident

In the age of social media, the spread of misinformation has become a significant concern about Ghaziabad Incident. Recently, a video went viral on various platforms, capturing a crowd surrounding a man and an injured woman. The incident quickly became the center of attention, with several misleading tweets adding fuel to the fire. In this […]

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