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Chinese Accounts Circulate Unrelated News About Weather Information: Fact-Check

The Chinese account posted an image with temperature-related data about the areas of India and Pakistan, implying that only these areas experience extremely hot and uncomfortable temperatures.

@zhao_dashuai tweeted “So glad we have the Himalaya mountains to block all that misery out of our country.” on May 22, 2024. The tweet has received an about 120.3k views on X.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

China declared 2023 to be the hottest year ever recorded. Reports state that in July 2023, temperatures in several parts of China reached 52.2 degrees Celsius. So, the claim that a graphic was uploaded with temperature-related information for the regions of India and Pakistan, implying that only those areas experience high unpleasant temperatures is not true at all. We visited reuters, which posted about this on July 17, 2023 with the heading “China logs 52.2 Celsius as extreme weather rewrites records”. It added “A remote township in China’s arid northwest endured temperatures of more than 52 Celsius (126 Fahrenheit) on Sunday, state media reported, setting a record for a country that was battling minus 50C weather just six months ago.Temperatures at Sanbao township in Xinjiang’s Turpan Depression soared as high as 52.2C on Sunday, state-run Xinjiang Daily reported on Monday, with the record heat expected to persist at least another five days.” Also, The Hindu published an article on this incident on Jan 3, 2024 with the headline “China marks 2023 as the hottest year in recorded history”. According to state media, which cited officials on January 2, China’s average temperature in 2023 was the highest since records have been kept. This capped a year of extreme weather events for the country that emits the most greenhouse gases globally. Further, for more clarification, we also visted eurogreen, which published an article on July 17, 2023 with the heading “Record-breaking 52.2°C temperature hit China on Sunday, stoking fears of drought”. On Sunday, July 16, China reported a temperature of 52.2°C, exceeding all previous records. The state-run daily Xinjiang Daily said that the intense heat struck the isolated northwest township of Sanbao in Xinjiang’s Turpan Depression. In 2015, Ayding, in Turpan, which is a large area of dried-up lakes and sand dunes situated more than 150 meters below sea level, recorded the previous high of 50.3°C.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


User from China are misrepresenting the weather comparison between India-China to set their narrative against India. An image that features temperature-related information regarding the regions in India and Pakistan has been shared by the Chinese account and projected as only these regions face high unpleasant temperatures. 2023 was declared the hottest year on record in China. Some parts of China reportedly experienced 52.2 degrees Celsius in July 2023.


Fact : China itself marked 2023 as the hottest year in recorded history. According to reports, some regions in China recorded 52.2 Celsius in July 2023.

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