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Debunking Misleading Temple Demolition Claims: Unveiling the Truth
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Debunking Misleading Temple Demolition Claims: Unveiling the Truth

In a recent incident, a video depicting the demolition of a temple by a bulldozer is being widely circulated on social media platforms, particularly in relation to an alleged temple demolition incident in Tamil Nadu. However, it has been verified that the video is not recent but rather an old recording. This blog aims to shed light on the misleading nature of these tweets, provide accurate information through fact-checking, and unravel the intent behind the incident.

Misleading Tweets: 

Several tweets have been shared, spreading false claims about a recent temple demolition incident in Tamil Nadu. Let’s examine these tweets in detail:

Tweet 1: Yagya_YuLlya’s tweet This tweet shared the video of a temple demolition, falsely claiming it to be a recent incident from Tamil Nadu. However, the truth is that the video is not a recent occurrence but an old recording.

Tweet 2: Devil_King_JK’s tweet Another tweet circulated the same video, misleadingly associating it with an alleged temple demolition incident in Tamil Nadu. The tweet aimed to create a narrative of religious grudge by the government, but this is not the case.

Fact Checking by D-Intent: 

D-Intent, an independent fact-checking organization, thoroughly investigated the claims made in the misleading tweets. They relied on credible sources and expert analysis to establish the veracity of the information.

To debunk these claims, we refer to an article from India Today (archive) that provides insights into the actual incident of temple demolition in Tamil Nadu. According to the report, the temple that was demolished in Tambaram, Tamil Nadu, was built on encroached land in January 2022. The demolition was carried out as per a court order, and it involved not only the temple but also a wall of the church compound. The incident was not motivated by religious grudges from the government, contrary to the misleading narratives.

Intent behind the Incident: 

The intent behind circulating these old videos of temple demolition is to create unrest in the country and target the state government by disseminating out-of-context news with religious narratives. By distorting facts and presenting them in a misleading manner, certain individuals aim to exploit religious sentiments and incite division among communities. It is crucial to approach such incidents with caution, verify information, and refrain from spreading unverified claims that can lead to social unrest.


The circulation of misleading videos depicting temple demolition in Tamil Nadu has been debunked. The incident portrayed in these videos is not recent but rather an old occurrence. Fact-checking by D-Intent, along with references to credible sources, confirms that the demolition was carried out on encroached land as per a court order and was not driven by religious grudges from the government. It is imperative to be vigilant, fact-check information, and avoid falling prey to misleading narratives that can disrupt communal harmony.

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