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Digvijaya Singh's Misleading Tweet Exposes Fake Quotes Allegedly by RSS Guruji
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Digvijaya Singh’s Misleading Tweet Exposes Fake Quotes Allegedly by RSS Guruji

In today’s age of social media, information spreads like wildfire, often leading to misconceptions and misinformation. Recently, an incident involving former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijaya Singh, has grabbed the attention of netizens. Singh posted a digitally altered image on Twitter, containing religious and caste-based divisive statements attributed to the late M. S. Golwalkar, the second Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). However, upon closer examination and fact checking by D-Intent Data, it has been revealed that these statements were fabricated. This blog aims to shed light on the incident portraying him as RSS Guruji, highlight the misleading tweets, and present the results of D-Intent Data’s fact checking process.

Details of the Incident:

Digvijaya Singh’s tweet, which has now been deleted, featured a postcard-like image with controversial quotes alongside an image of Golwalkar, also known as RSS Guruji The inflammatory nature of the quotes stirred up a storm on social media, leading to outrage and debates. However, it is important to note that extensive research conducted by various media outlets and reputed organizations failed to uncover any evidence of Golwalkar making such statements. The lack of credible sources reporting these statements raised suspicions about their authenticity.

Misleading Tweets:

One of the misleading tweets shared by Digvijaya Singh can be accessed via the link. Additionally, the tweet was also shared on Facebook and Pinterest. These platforms served as catalysts for the spread of misinformation, as many users blindly shared and debated the alleged statements without fact checking their veracity.

Fact Checking by D-Intent Data:

To tackle the spread of misinformation, D-Intent Data, an organization specializing in fact checking, took it upon themselves to investigate the authenticity of the divisive statements attributed to Golwalkar. Their thorough research encompassed multiple sources, ranging from media outlets like India Today to reputable organizations. The results of their fact checking process conclusively revealed that the statements were fabricated and had no basis in reality.


In a world where misinformation can influence public opinion and sway political narratives, it is crucial to prioritize fact checking and truth. The incident involving Digvijaya Singh’s misleading tweets saying him RSS Guruji highlights the importance of verifying information before sharing it on social media platforms. D-Intent Data’s fact checking proves that extra caution is necessary to prevent the spread of divisive statements that can harm individual reputations and incite social discord. By being accountable for the information we share and amplifying the call for authenticity, we can collectively combat the detrimental effects of misinformation.

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