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FACTCHECK- Rohith Vemula, a brilliant Dalit Ph.D. scholar was institutionally murdered


FACT: The claim of #RohithVemula institutionally murdered is fake, cause his own su!c!de letter clearly mentioned no such allegations. Lets discuss exact events First an event was organised by Anti nationals in University of Hyderabad in which Rohith Vemula participated as well and they raised slogans in support of separatists in kashmir and supported illegal activities, after this event Rohith Vemula along with other four members of Ambedkar Students Association”(ASA) thrashed an ABVP’s member. Later University of Hyderabad took action and suspended them and removed from hostel rooms. Vemula’s fellowship of Rs 25,000 was suspended for raising “issues under the banner of the Ambedkar Students Association” They started protesting against their suspension, they set up a tent on the campus and began a hunger strike. The suspension was later revoked. In January 2016 the PhD scholar Rohith Vemula commited suicide he was found hanging with a su!c!de note at a central university’s hostel room located on the varsity campus. He mentioned and clarified, no one is responsible for his death.

INTENT: Anti India agenda spreader Ashok Swain spreading fake news about Rohith Vemula on his death anniversary & in process of doing so actually disrespecting him.



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