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FACTCHECK: South Korean students gone to visit a university in UP, India mob threatened them by accusing them as Christian Missionaries.

Analyses: Distorted

FACT:Two South Korean girls visited Chaudhary Charan Singh (CCS) University in Meerut, but they were forced to leave the campus after being heckled by some miscreants.

Relevantly, there are many active South Korean christian missionaries.


Korean missionaries visit schools, colleges, and universities on the Indian subcontinent where they compel students to change their religion, as has been the case in numerous incidents previously documented regarding religious conversion in the subcontinent. Police in Meerut stated they prevented things from getting out of hand and obtained the

FEW RESOURCES FROM MEDIA‘illegal-conversions’-in-Pokhara-released-on-bail-54557.html

even if everything was instantly under control. Additionally, they (police) clarified on Twitter, refuting claims of any religious change.

Intention:A Korean traveller was involved in an event that happened a few weeks ago in Mumbai.

Where the girl was molested by few minority guys But that time many good hearted Indian guided that korean girl positively and helped her and made her feel welcome. But here it is sad to see, anti-India gang doing opposite, a small incident is being projected as such a big one just to build a narrative against India\

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