FACTCHECK: Another Brahmin got recognition by exploiting the Indigenous people of India.

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: “The Elephant Whisperers” has won #TheAcademyAward (#Oscars ) for Best Documentary Short film. Every Indian was celebrating & appreciating the achievement of Indian cinema at global stage for #TheElephantWhisperers#Oscars#RRR#NaatuNaatu .On the other hand, some hate spreaders were setting their narrative, connected the achievement to Brahmin and tried to spread casteist agenda, upon research we found the producer Guneet Monga doesn’t belong to Brahmin family, infact she belongs to Jat/khatri/Rajput.Also,Director of the movie Kartiki Gonsalves is Christian. Above all this is a win for India.

INTENT:Casteist agenda-hate misinformation spreader accounts trying to set their agenda to brainwash youths & chose to opt out from this celebration for India to focus on extremism




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