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FACTCHECK: “Outrage and Calls for Action as Disturbing Child Abuse Video Goes Viral: child and women Safety Ministers Urged to Take Swift and Severe Action Against Perpetrator”

543 ANALYSIS:Misleading

FACT:A sensitive video is being circulated in which a man can be seen mercilessly thrashing a minor girl. The video is being projected as recent and incident took place in BJP ruled states. Upon research we found that this is an old video from Punjabwhere a man Nirmal Singh resident of Rampura in Bathinda district was found mercilessly beating up his 8yr-old daughter. This is an old incident from 2022 and police action has been taken against the accused.Neither this incident is recent nor is it from any BJP ruled state

INTENT:Hate and misinformation spreader accounts sharing(using) old video of child abuse with false claim to set their political agenda.Shameless!



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