FACTCHECK: “Hindutva Group Attacks Muslim Women with Stones during Holi in Uttar Pradesh”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:A video is being circulated on social media with misleading claim in which a Burqa wearing woman can be seen throwing stones at the Holi procession from the roof in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao. Claim is Hindu community pelted stones at her home first But fact is that When the traditional Phag procession reached Mohalla Jogiana, some women present on the terrace of the house of local resident Noor Mohammad threw brooms and bricks at the procession. Due to which the people involved in the procession were enraged. In response some bricks and stones were thrown towards the roof. The people involved in the procession sat on a dharna demanding action against the woman. Immediately the police came and took control. Some suspects have been detained.

INTENT: Hate spreaders account sharing video with false claim and defending the woman who first pelted bricks at the Holi procession and tried to spoil the festival atmosphere. Out of context video is the tool of setting misleading narrative.





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