FACTCHECK: “Tragic End for Cheetah Brought to India on Narendra Modi’s Birthday: Dies of Fatigue and Dehydration”

ANALYSIS: Distorted

FACT: Yesterday a sad news came from Kuno National Park where a female Cheetah named Shasha died due to kidney infection.Journalist Rana Ayyub shared distorted news with the claim that the female Cheetah died due to fatigue and dehydration. Infact Shasha died of kidney failure. Cause of dehydration was kidney failure, According to records released by the CCF, Sasha’s creatinine levels from a blood test in August 2022 were already high, indicating potential kidney-related problems prior to her arrival in India. Chronic kidney disease is commonly seen in captive cheetahs as well as domestic cats.

INTENT: Propaganda maker now using unfortunate events of “death of a extinct animal” to set propaganda and a narrative of no care is taken of that cheetah.




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