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Factcheck: “MoD Approves Acquisition of 114 Gripen-E Fighter Jets for Indian Air Force, with 96 to be Manufactured by HAL in India, Boosting Indigenous Aerospace Industry Participation”


FACT: Self proclaimed OSINT shared a #Fake news with the claim that MoD has cleared the acquisition of 114 Gripen-E fighter jets worth 22.5 Billion USD under Multi Role Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) competition for Indian Air Force. Fact is that The Swedish aerospace and defence company Saab has offered modern multi-role fighter aircrafts Gripen-E to India in February 2023. There is no recent statement or confirmation from

INTENT: This self proclaimed OSINT either spreading misleading news about @IAF_MCC or thinks it is funny to spread fake Defence news as AprilFoolsDay joke. It just again confirmed, how creditability lacks in Indian Defence OSINT circle .



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