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FACTCHECK: 7 Dalit woman assaulted by villagers and threatened to demolish her house because they did not want her to live in the neighbourhood due to her caste.

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A misleading news from Karnataka is being circulated with the claim that a Dalit woman was tied to a pillar and beaten with slippers, because the woman’s cow strayed into a man’s fields at Rampur village in Kanakagiri taluk of Koppal district.Koppal police said She was not tied to any pillar,was not hit with chappals.The accused has been arrested and sent to Judicial custody.Also the distrubing image is an old image from 2021(black magic superstition),nothing to do with recent incident.

INTENT: Propaganda spreaders sharing old sensitive images with false claim to mislead people. Trying to create unrest in the state.



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