#FACTCHECK – CLAIM “Hindu youth Rohit Singh dies by suicide after his Muslim wife and brother-in-law forcefully feed him beef”

Analysis:- Unsubstantiated

Fact:-Rohit Singh, originally from UP, was living in Surat with his second wife. On June 27, he committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan with a dupatta at his home. The police had previously filed an accidental death report and launched an investigation. Police later revealed that they forced fed him beef, tortured him, and threatened him. As a result, Rohit Singh took his own life.

Intent: Untill police give in-details it can’t be judged as true or false.


My son was fed beef and as a Hindu, he couldn’t take it anymore, said Rohit’s sobbing mother. He was a 27-year-old young boy from Gujarat’s Udhana region located primarily on Surat-Navsari Highway of the state. He committed suicide after being fed beef by his wife. Rohit’s deplorable mother has called for justice.

The news of his death was revealed two months later through a family friend.

The deceased, Rohit Singh, worked at a local Textile dyeing industry based in Udhana, befriended with a Muslim girl and eventually got married against the consent of the family.
The sobbing mother of the deceased, Vinadevi said, “My son was fed beef. He didn’t return when he left home to marry the girl he loved, only the news of his death reached us.”

She added further, “We maintained a distance from him in a hope that he would return back by cutting all of his ties with her. But the opposite happened and the news of his death arrived at the door.”
The deceased uploaded a suicide note on a social media platform revealing his intention to end his life. The sources also mentioned that the deceased’s wife and her brother had threatened to kill him and fed him beef, and it was just impossible for him to live a normal life being a Hindu.

A case has been filed against both the accused- the wife and her brother in the nearby police station at Udhana. Based on the situation and demand, the local police registered a case of ‘abetment of suicide’ against the deceased’s wife Sonam Zakir Ali and her brother Mukhtar Ali (residents of Patel Nagar, Udhana, but hailing from northern Uttar Pradesh state).
The police have claimed that the deceased Rohit Singh and Sonam Ali were living together, but couldn’t find any marriage-related documents.

“The family has provided us with few shocking details while we are also trying to collect more information from the social media site about the date and time of the post,” the police mentioned.

Meanwhile, a close relative of the family, Rajendra Singh insisted that the family of the deceased should be given the desired justice. He stressed, “A heathen girl (a person who doesn’t practice the same religion that one does) took away the life of my nephew. Sonam Zakir Ali’s brother Mukhtar Ali is also involved in this conspiracy. After working together in a textile mill, he (the deceased) was trapped by them. We have also presented some shocking facts that have come to our attention before the police. The police have been very cooperative. Hindu organisations have also given their consent to support us in this matter and we hope that a legal action would be taken against the accused.”

Moreover, the accused Sonam Ali had already reported about Rohit Singh’s death to the police station on June 27, 2022. According to the initial complaint, Singh was found hanging from a ceiling fan with a veil. Later, based on the preliminary investigation, the police had registered a case of death under mysterious circumstances. But according to Rohit Singh’s mother Vinadevi’s complaint, his wife Sonam Ali didn’t inform the family about his death, and the last rites were also conducted by the landlord.

However, Police has mentioned a suspicious angle to the story stating on how the suicide note on his social media account was noticed two months after it was uploaded. The PI Harshad Acharya said, “It is mysterious how nobody noticed the suicide note on the deceased’s social media account for two months. We are investigating to see if the account of the deceased was tampered with and also getting the handwriting in the suicide note verified. We have yet not arrested the accused.”

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