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#FACTCHECK- CLAIM”A man kidnapped a seven-month-old child”

023 Analysis:-True

Fact:-A man kidnapped a seven-month-old child who was sleeping on a platform at the Mathura railway station, according to police. A CCTV captured the crime The criminal was later nabbed, and the child was also safely recovered.

Intent:The assertion was correct.


seven-month-old boy abducted from next to his sleeping parents at the Mathura railway station was reportedly traced to the house of a BJP corporator in Firozabad, officials said on Monday. According to media reports, Municipal Corporation Councilor, identified as Vinita Agarwal and her husband Krishna Murari Agarwal, were arrested by the police on the charges of buying the infant for Rs 1.8 Lakh from two doctors as they “wanted a son.”

The infant’s kidnapping from platform number 9 of Mathura Junction railway station in the early hours of August 24 was captured on CCTV and later went viral on social media. The video shows a man walking past a family sleeping on the Mathura station platform. After carefully looking around, he stealthily approaches, picks up the child and races in the direction of a train waiting on the platform. A case was registered under relevant sections.

The police said the man caught on the CCTV has been identified as Deepak and was arrested by the police. The accused Vinita Agarwal and her husband Krishna Murari Agarwal have said that they had a 12-year-old daughter and no son and claimed they had adopted the infant unaware that he was stolen or abducted by Deepak.

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