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#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”A Swiggy customer in Hyderabad asked the food delivery app “not to send a Muslim delivery boy “

Analysis:- True
Fact:-A Swiggy customer in Hyderabad asked the food delivery app to not send a Muslim delivery boy to deliver his food,he had given specific instructions to the Swiggy app saying, “Very less spicy. And, please select a Hindu delivery person. All ratings will be based on this.”
Despite this, when he discovered that delivery executive’s name is Mudassir Omar, Kumar refused to accept the food and agreed to pay Rs 95 as cancelation charges for the order.
Intent:-Swiggy customer intentionally tried to create communal disharmony.


Telangana State Taxi and Drivers JAC Chairman Shaik Salahuddin shared a screenshot of the same and suggested that Swiggy should take action against such incidents. This is not the first time but in the past, another Swiggy customer had rejected an order on the grounds that a Muslim delivery boy had brought food.

As soon as the screenshot surfaced on the internet, netizens expressed their distaste over such demands. A Twitter user wrote, “Now the best lesson that @Swiggy can give is send only muslims delivery agents to his home…or else expose his details I will go and greet him with garland” Another stated, “Name and shame him/her. If they’re so shameless and make this request, then there is no harm in naming them.”

Another suggested, “Dear @Swiggy Please softly block those customer who are communal so that India can have decent and peaceful food”

Meanwhile, Swiggy had a similar experience in the past. A Hindu man from Hyderabad ordered Chicken 65 from Grand Bawarchi, owned by a Muslim, but said that he prefered the food to be brought by a Hindu delivery man. When the assigned delivery boy attempted the delivery, he was abused because he was a  Muslim stating that the order was less spicy. 

The delivery boy Mudassir had revealed, “He (customer) asked my name and when I revealed my identity, he was angry. He shouted at me for not honouring his preferences. He said he was rejecting the delivery, because I was a Muslim.”

Similar incidents have happened with Zomato as well. However, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal gave a firm answer to this and defended its delivery men. He said that India is proud of the spirit of union and there is diversity in our customers and partners. He said that he isn’t sorry to lose business that comes in the way of its values.

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