#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Another mosque bulldozed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party ruled Uttar Pradesh state.”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A News from Uttar Pradesh related to a Mosque is being circulated on various social media platforms claiming that mosque was demolished without any reason but fact is that 2 temple was demolished too for being on government land. SDM Sadar Parmanand Jha told that the construction work of Panipat-Khatima National Highway 709 A-B is going on fast, in which two temples & a tomb were becoming an obstacle in the construction of the highway.These religious places, a mausoleum and two temples, which were obstructing the construction of the highway, have been removed today, because they were built on govt land.
SDM said the area residents were asked to relocate the mosque several times in the past but since they did not do so,past the deadline the mosque had to be pulled down Two more religious structures built on govt land are to be pulled down in the same stretch of the highway, he added.
The SDM said that the action is being taken for development so that the national highway could be widened.

INTENT: Religious extremists organization like IAMC are spreading misleading news to create communal disharmony between religious groups in the country



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