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Fact CheckMohammed Zubair

#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Fact-Checkers M Zubair, P Sinha Among Favourites For Nobel Peace: Report “

Analysis: Fake

Fact: Time claims that journalists Pratik Sinha and Mohammed Zubair, co-founders of the Indian fact-checking website AltNews, are among the favourites and have a good chance of winning the Nobel Prize, whereas the Nobel Prize is a prestigious award, but it has been Nobel’s policy for the last 50 years not to leak nominations. So, Time published a fake story about a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and it’s worth noting that the article’s author, Sanya Mansoor, is well-known for her anti-RW hatred and anti-India propaganda writing.

Intent: Anti-India foreign-funded news portal attempting to remain relevant by making false claims in Time’s article.



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