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#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”J&K govt has made mockery of its Nasha mukt Bharat Abhiyan”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: The Administrative Council approved incorporation of liberal provisions in Jammu and Kashmir Liquor License and Sale Rules, 1984 and Excise Policy, 2023-24 for grant of License JKEL-2A for retail sale of Beer and Ready–to Drink (RTD) beverages in departmental stores in urban areas of UT. That doesn’t mean any local shop can sale alcohol. The strict minimum requirement is there, area of minimum 1200 sq feet, annual turnover of minimum Rs 5 crores in Jammu and Srinagar cities ––and Rs 2 crores for stores in other urban areas will be eligible under the scheme.

INTENT : To normalize a state it is also required for Govt to make all modern amnesties available for civilian. No one forcing or promoting alcohol consumption,neither it will be easy access for Kashmir Youth, Only those store who fulfil requirement and have proper license can sale Alcohol only after verifying buyers age certificate proof. Few social media user trying to spread misinformation in Kashmir valley regarding this.

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