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Ashok SwainFact Check

#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Two boys,13 and 17, beaten, tied to a vehicle and dragged”

ANALYSIS: Distorted

FACT: Around the world punishment for theft is different. In Gulf country like Saudi Arabia cuts off hand of thief (even Ashok knows that). It is pretty much expected, when thief gets caught in urban/rural area stealing hard earned money of a farmerhe will get beaten by mob. No religion or caste involved, so Ashok decided to push on ‘civilization narrative route’ without even considering unfortunate fate of farmer who’s money/mobile got stolen.

There are many similar news from different countries(Pakistan, Australia, Ukraine etc) but Ashok will not speak about them. ANALYSIS: Ashok Swain are trying to target India and when failed to utilise religion or caste of victim sadly using pointless narrative

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