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Fact CheckMeer Faisal

FACTCHECK: In Bihar’s Raxual, mob thrashed an elderly Muslim man on suspicion of carrying beef.

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A video is being circulated on social media In which a person can be seen surrounded by a group of people. Video is being circulated with a false claim that the man was thrashed by the crowd but if you watch the full video, nothing like this can be seen.First the video was posted on Facebook by a local news channel as people caught a daily beef smuggler who did it multiple times.According to police the suspect has been taken into police custody in Raxaul,FIR has been registered,the incident is being investigated The medical examination of the suspect has done and no injury was confirmed.

INTENT: Religious extremists spreading video with false claim to create communal disharmony between religious groups in the country.



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