FACTCHECK: In Khulna, a Hindu student was strangled to death by his Muslim friends.


FACT:A news is being circulated on social media from Bangladesh with the claim that a Hindu boy student was brutally murdered by his Muslim friends in school but according to media reports Nirav’s father was called on his mobile and demanded a ransom of Tk 30 lakh.On receiving the information, the police started operations to rescue Nirav & recovered from a room of Gutudia Secondary School, police have arrested Sohel Molya (15), Pitu Mondal (15), Hirak Roy (15), sixth class student Dipu Roy (12) and Piyal Mandal (16) they confessed their crime they committed the murder being inspired watching TV serial ‘Crime Patrol’.The incident took place in Bangladesh’s ,Nothing to do with religion.

INTENT: Self proclaimed media platforms spreading news with false claim,to create communal disharmony.




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