#FactCheck: NCERT has not erased references to #MaulanaAbulKalamAzad in its Class 11 Political Science textbook. Claims circulating on social media by some journalists, intellectuals and social activists are false and misleading.

A section of social media including so called journalists,intellectuals and social activists circulating a news with the claim that NCERT erased references to #MaulanaAbulKalamAzad in its Class 11 Political Science textbook. It’s a complete lie.(1/5) What is the #Fact?

All of this #Fake narrative started after The Hindu and India Today published articles. They mentioned how name of Maulana Azad removed from class 11, Chapter One CONSTITUTION: WHY AND HOW?

We checked all archived version from academic year 2018-19 to 2023-24, we found there is no change in that particular page. Name of Maulana Azad was never mentioned there. So, this is a total false claim of removal of his name.

People are saying that name of #MaulanaAbulKalamAzad has been removed but the truth is that his name was never in that chapter or book, references to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad are there in class 12th and have not been erased. It’s still part of 2023-24 syllabus as always.

It is very clear those doing this propaganda never read that Political Science book.They are advocating for something that they don’t have any knowledge of. In class 11 book reference was about major Committees of assembly.Maulana Azad didn’t chaired any committee!

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