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FACTCHECK: The priest beaten with the bat, when refused to allow them to keep the bat in the temple

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A video is being circulated on social media in which a guy Kailash Sharma can be seen beaten with cricket bat, video is being circulated with the claim that Muslim is beating a temple priest, upon research we found that this is an old video from Haryana’s Fatehabad district in a Village under Bhattu Kalan police station in 2020. Action was taken against all the accused. Those boys had taken a 7-8 months audio tape from the priest’s mobile where priest was talking to his girlfriend & discussing their marriage.The audio was wrongly circulated everywhere while accusing priest of molesting the girl. Further, the girl and the people of the village denied the allegations. The villagers said that youths had thrashed the priest due to their personal grudge. youths used the temple where Kailash was appointed as a priest to hide their belongings. They put their cricket equipment inside the temple one day. The priest locked the temple and walked 10 kilometers away. Seeing the temple door locked, the four boys broke the lock and took away their belongings.When confronted by the priest, they brutally thrashed him.This whole incident had nothing to do with religion or caste.

INTENT: Users sharing old video with false claim to create communal disharmony between religious groups in the country.


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