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Ahmed Khabeer احمد خبیرFact Check

FACTCHECK”Controversy Erupts as Girls Barred from Taking Exam at Jaipur College Due to Hijab”


FACT:A video is being circulated on social media with the misleading claim that few girls from Muslim community were not allowed in the exam hall in a university in Rajasthan because they were wearing Hijab.There is a difference between Hijab & Niqab Girl wearing hijab can be identified & a girl wearing niqab cannot be identified. As can be seen in the video those girls are wearing niqabs,it is not easy to identify them. It is necessary to adhere to the attire that conforms to the regulation of preserving public decency in the examination venues.Many countries including Saudi Arabia banned such type of attire in exam halls.

INTENT: Religious extremists spreading out of context news.They are unable to explain why everytime uniform issue appears during examination only.Can’t be coincidence.



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