Fake video of PM Modi with pro-Khalistan slogans debunked

In today’s era of digital media, it has become increasingly important to be vigilant about the authenticity of the content we consume and share. Recently, a disturbing incident unfolded as a digitally altered video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral on social media platforms. This manipulated video, shared by pro-Khalistan propaganda accounts, claimed that pro-Khalistan slogans were raised during PM Modi’s speech at an Indian diaspora event in Sydney. However, a thorough examination of the facts reveals that the video is a complete fabrication aimed at spreading anti-India sentiments.

Debunking the Misinformation:

The first step in verifying the accuracy of any claim is to trace its origin. The original version of the video is available on the official YouTube channel of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Upon reviewing this unaltered footage, it becomes evident that no pro-Khalistan slogans were raised during the event. Instead, the audience can be heard chanting “India-India” or “Bharat” while responding to PM Modi’s questions.

Altered Audio and Video:

The circulated video, which claims to depict pro-Khalistan slogans, has been digitally manipulated to create a false narrative. The audio has been spliced and replaced with fabricated slogans, while the video may have been edited to give an impression of synchronization between the visuals and the false audio. These malicious alterations are clear attempts to deceive viewers and further the agenda of anti-India pro-Khalistan propaganda.

Propaganda Spreading Accounts:

The third part of this thread exposes the intention behind the creation and dissemination of the fake video. Accounts associated with pro-Khalistan propaganda, known for their anti-India sentiments, have been actively sharing and promoting this fabricated content. Their objective is to stoke discord, amplify tensions, and tarnish the reputation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government.

Impact and Implications:

The circulation of such misleading content has serious consequences for society. False narratives, especially when targeted at political figures, can incite unrest, sow division, and damage public trust. In this case, the video seeks to project an inaccurate image of the Indian diaspora’s response to the Prime Minister’s speech. It is crucial to recognize such attempts at manipulation and counter them with accurate information.

Responsibility of Social Media Users:

As consumers of information, we bear the responsibility to verify the credibility of the content we encounter on social media. Before sharing any video or news, it is vital to critically evaluate its source, cross-reference with reliable sources, and examine the available evidence. By actively debunking false narratives and promoting fact-based discussions, we can collectively combat the spread of misinformation.


The circulation of a digitally altered video falsely claiming that pro-Khalistan slogans were raised during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech highlights the prevalence of propaganda-driven disinformation campaigns. It is essential to remain vigilant, question dubious claims, and rely on credible sources of information. By doing so, we can safeguard our societies from the manipulation of narratives that seek to divide us and promote false agendas. Let us unite in the pursuit of truth and responsible information sharing.

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